Buy Aged YouTube Account



Introduction To Aged YouTube Account

In the year 2005, YouTube was bought by Google.

Before YouTube took over in 2006, some accounts were already created. These accounts that were created before Google took over YouTube are called Legacy accounts. These accounts are valuable because of the features they have.


Why Should I buy Aged YouTube Account?

(1) With aged YouTube account, you can Rank Video Clips 50% to 100% higher Than Your competitors on YouTube.

Let me explain what this means. You have an aged YouTube account and you publish the same video as your competitors, your video will be seen by searchers easily than your competitors just because you’re using aged account. The ranking power of such channels or accounts are higher than newly created ones.

(2) You can create up to 100 channels within the same YouTube Account.

This means that if you buy one account, you can create 100 different channels from the same account. Another interesting feature is that, after the first phone verification, any other channel you create does not need any phone verification.


(3) The ranking power pass through to the additional channels.

Aged YouTube Accounts have higher ranking power as compared to newly created ones. This means that if you upload a video onto a new YouTube channel from a new account, someone with video on a channel from an aged account will rank far higher. This ranking power in the aged account is distributed to every channel that will be created on an aged account.


(4) Such accounts Withstand copyright claims.

Aged YouTube account has the power to resist a lot of copyright claims and therefore you can maintain such accounts for a very long time without having issues with copyright. YouTube trust such accounts and because of that they don’t easily shut down such accounts.

Why Should You Buy Aged YouTube Account From Us?

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Does YouTube delete old accounts?
YouTube expects users to be active on the website. Accounts that are left without login or any activity over the period of six months will be taken by YouTube.

Without Gmail, Can you have a YouTube account ?
Previously, it was possible until Google bought YouTube.
These days, you cannot login to YouTube without having active gmail account.


How long does it take for YouTube to delete your account?

YouTube only delete accounts that have violated their policies and guidelines. It takes less than ten(10) minutes for them to delete an entire channel.

Can I have more than one(1) YouTube account?
You can use one Google Account to manage many business Accounts associated with your YouTube channels. If you have many YouTube channels connected to business Accounts, you can manage them all using one Google Account.


Is It Legal To Buy Aged YouTube Account?
Users who want to buy account keep asking if YouTube is against buying of aged accounts.
If you’re one of such people then you’re at the right place.
YouTube is never against buying of account. In fact a lot of big brands or YouTube channels were bought from people before building them to be big.

Where can I buy aged YouTube accounts?

Aged YouTube accounts are difficult to get these days because quite a number of people have seen the reason why they should own one.

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